Friday, November 20, 2009

nice asian man calling help line

I already got there in the coconut suit, but I no see what you saying,

I see 3 options,

one is Development,

one is project,

and one say engineering,

this is problem.

I just a submitted my request to reset my password, and lets see, what I will get….



Oh, OK, password reset request tracking number ….oh, it say, request will be out system within two business hours

So, Ah OK, I guess I will just need to wait

UH? Yeah, but ?I don’t see, Oh yes! My request!  Yeah?

I see email, but these are the requests that the file action is searching for.

It say , “no active request” OK

Oh? I need to write down what you saying, hold please….

It’s a 3,4,6,0,55 yes but this is another one,

Yeah, 331098 right?

Yeah, 331098 OK.

It say completed process, OK, yeah,

Yes, I am in that screen now,

In the password window it say NA

When I try put in Account ID, which is my ID, I say, uh, put in place number,

No seeing number, not work properly, system not recognize.

It says my request will be processed in two business hours, so I will, uh call back, you.

So, what I do with test email,,, Yes?, OK, I will try that, Thank You. OK, THANK YOU, yes, OK, yes,

THANK you! OK yeah, THANK YOU, NO, that’s all, Yes, Thank you, bye bye, yes Bye.



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