Wednesday, July 31, 2019

YouTube Comments

I love to see the pride in those old films. We still had problems and likely will forever be improving that aspect, but one thing we had was a unifying spirit in our love for America. It was a pride that allowed the melting pot to work. That nationalism and a strong set of Western belief systems was the glue that allowed people from all backgrounds to come to our country to build a better life for themselves. People are human beings, so there is always the petty resentments of our tribal natures to content with, but it is the Western ideal of all people being equal before God that allowed us to continue to move forward. Some credit reason alone, but you can reason yourself into any number of beliefs, so that will not work. The most evil leaders of all time had great reasoning, but their values were clearly at odds with the idea that all people were equal before a benevolent higher power. You need to accept the value of each individual in order for a society to keep improving. If you don't fall in awe at the achievements we have made over the last 2000 years then you need to think on that until you appreciate it. The modern Left took a wrong turn in the last few decades when they abandoned Liberalism for Marxism. They want to divide people into groups and tribes and treat them unequally before the law. They want to divide people into sexes, and races, and types, and ever increasing divisions through the ideals of inter-sectionalism. This will bring out the worst qualities of our tribal natures. The very thing that the Western ideal of individual equality has been fighting against ever more successfully for 2000 years. We have made so much progress that it would be a global shame to destroy it all, just because we had not yet achieved the post scarcity dream of a Star Trek like post money, post labor world. We were on track to get there, but we have been sidelined by what were once well meaning liberals, but they gained too much power and we have lost our balance. We need those cautious ones to keep progress steady and ever moving in that direction. Perhaps the greatest failure of the baby boomer generation is their insistence that they personally be the ones to save the entire world, and in so doing, in so egotistically imagining that they had all of the answers, they wrecked the very engine that had provided all of the improvements of the last 2000 years. Things have never been this good for so many people. We do not yet have infinite resources of power and food and medicine, but we are getting there. If we can keep the well meaning but naive far Left from destroying our culture then we will make it. They unfortunately imagine that they can create a society based on division and tribal groups and that somehow that will improve things. Historically, logically, and demonstratively it will not.

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