Wednesday, July 31, 2019

YouTube comments

t was shocking to witness the decline of those websites. Once, years ago many of those sites were of interest to me. I watched them change into a monster cross promoting a destructive yet profitable view of the world that would appeal to every persons deepest fears. This disturbing and suicidal cultural feedback loop is being actively encouraged by companies who feel that it is their personnel mission to make the world a better place in their image. People are self identifying as victims to show their masters that they are willingly moving into the pen and pose no threat to the corporate nobility. Our culture is stuck in a strange reflection of the Stepford wives or the falseness long associated with the overly optimistic television of the 1950's. No one dares to first cry, "too much"! No one dares step out of approved boundaries set by big tech. We allowed our very methods of discourse and communication to be taken over by Big Tech's tyrannical maniacs convinced that they alone know how to create a better society. That so many would trust the power of so few is grotesque testament to how easy we have all had it in regards to life on this planet. How do we explain the cultural shift of our great society to a preference to ignore the logic of individual situations in favor of the emotions of some imagined situations? If we choose to presume the worst possible interpretations of all that is said or created then we are doomed to forever feel persecuted. This imagined persecution is bound to be more dangerous than the 'isms it replaced. This is a move to monetize peoples most internal fears about who they are. It creates victims and people who act like victims. It is a modern evil to promote and encourage self doubt and self loathing in order to create a zombie like passive consumer.

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