Wednesday, July 31, 2019

YouTube comments

Tim, I am very thankful for your voice. As someone who is pro-choice and pro-labor, as someone who thinks that income disparity has gone too far, as someone who believes in responsible legal immigration, I am baffled by old friends and family who now see me as a voice for the right wing. The only force that I can see to explain it is the devolution of communication and thought brought about by a culture that primarily communicates by text. I feel that the most important thing Derrida hit upon was his critique of text as a means of sufficient communication. While he is a cornerstone of postmodern thought, this conclusion of his writings is not given its due. In general, I remain convinced that his and other related philosophical ideas are best suited for a culture that wishes to write interesting papers for the sake of University driven internal process. It is only useful if one wishes to write endless papers and books that accomplish nothing other than helping one journey through hierarchies of the modern Church that is our fallen universities. Text based social media has brought about a insincere representation of ourselves that is more at home in a corporate HR department than real life. A feedback loop of false piety. It has created a wholly phony culture that is driving me to the same point as Holden Caulfield trying to catch others before they run off the cliff. It is becoming unacceptable and problematic as they say to think critically. I hope that others can see the danger that this presents. We have allowed our culture to practically demand that we play this game in order to succeed. I appreciate the work you are doing to combat that mentality.

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