Friday, December 21, 2007

story of man

At the moment it seemed like a great trade, but having lost their truesight they would lose much more in generations to come, one day they forgot who they wereand they drowned, but nobody realized it. The giant octopus blew a wind of sunshinetowards them and they came back to life. Their children now grew up in slaveryand they called this freedom, they imprisoned themselves and called it free thought.The God didn't care because he expected this sort of thing. He was pained by it and his sidebleed. The blood was holy and came to be a river, which brought fish into the world of slower thanlight particles. The fish became a symbol of man and evolved into other symbols of man, the symbolsof man himself were likeness of those past things, but now betrayed the man. I think snakes were involved somehow. Other people didn't care and that was OK.

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