Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It started life as a purple car with a purple interior, other GTO's called it Grimace the Goat. I changed all of that with my blue spray paint. The interior looks like it was created out of sugar, I achieved this look by getting the paint too thick, but I was determined to get the seat as white as powdered sugar. 

The interior looked better at one point during the process but was lost to improvements.  

Strange van drivin' round the neighborhood. A freaky delivery service, but of what and to whom?

Strange van drivin' round the neighborhood. A freaky delivery service, but of what and to whom?
Another take on Larry Woods wonderful Combat Medic Hot Wheels casting. This is one of the plastic base models which has a nice flat rear door. The metal base version has more room inside, as it does not have the solid pillar above the rear rivet all the way to the roof, but the plastic base version has a nice rear door in terms of flatness. You may however find that some projects are better with the metal base, as its rear doors are split, and are able to be customized to be open, or whatever you may want to do with them.

If you want a solid flat surface for a rear door, go with the plastic base of Mr. Combat Medic, if you want more room inside or you want to leave one or two of the doors open, go with the metal version.

I do have an idea with for the metal version involving magnets and lasers.

Tampo Removal Service - Custom Hot Wheels (combat Medic)

Custom based on the Larry Wood (Combat Medic) casting. Many secrets are burried in the decals. My first experiment with print your own decals.

The name, The phone number, The symbols on the back - What are they trying to say about our favorite Tampo Removal Fluid?

The TITFOS (Sunday Driver) edition of the 2017 Hot Wheels

 To learn more about the excellent original casting, check it out at

Japanase Nostalgic Car

Friday, May 27, 2016

Visit Onsug and listen to this
1:21:18 – A cosmic event switches Chad and Jimbo resulting in a crossed up audio journal
that serves as a diary of a day, and a historical record of the mixed up cosmic
circumstances leading to this Freaky Fried Friday. It’s electric.