Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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I love to see the pride in those old films. We still had problems and likely will forever be improving that aspect, but one thing we had was a unifying spirit in our love for America. It was a pride that allowed the melting pot to work. That nationalism and a strong set of Western belief systems was the glue that allowed people from all backgrounds to come to our country to build a better life for themselves. People are human beings, so there is always the petty resentments of our tribal natures to content with, but it is the Western ideal of all people being equal before God that allowed us to continue to move forward. Some credit reason alone, but you can reason yourself into any number of beliefs, so that will not work. The most evil leaders of all time had great reasoning, but their values were clearly at odds with the idea that all people were equal before a benevolent higher power. You need to accept the value of each individual in order for a society to keep improving. If you don't fall in awe at the achievements we have made over the last 2000 years then you need to think on that until you appreciate it. The modern Left took a wrong turn in the last few decades when they abandoned Liberalism for Marxism. They want to divide people into groups and tribes and treat them unequally before the law. They want to divide people into sexes, and races, and types, and ever increasing divisions through the ideals of inter-sectionalism. This will bring out the worst qualities of our tribal natures. The very thing that the Western ideal of individual equality has been fighting against ever more successfully for 2000 years. We have made so much progress that it would be a global shame to destroy it all, just because we had not yet achieved the post scarcity dream of a Star Trek like post money, post labor world. We were on track to get there, but we have been sidelined by what were once well meaning liberals, but they gained too much power and we have lost our balance. We need those cautious ones to keep progress steady and ever moving in that direction. Perhaps the greatest failure of the baby boomer generation is their insistence that they personally be the ones to save the entire world, and in so doing, in so egotistically imagining that they had all of the answers, they wrecked the very engine that had provided all of the improvements of the last 2000 years. Things have never been this good for so many people. We do not yet have infinite resources of power and food and medicine, but we are getting there. If we can keep the well meaning but naive far Left from destroying our culture then we will make it. They unfortunately imagine that they can create a society based on division and tribal groups and that somehow that will improve things. Historically, logically, and demonstratively it will not.

YouTube comments

Tim, I am very thankful for your voice. As someone who is pro-choice and pro-labor, as someone who thinks that income disparity has gone too far, as someone who believes in responsible legal immigration, I am baffled by old friends and family who now see me as a voice for the right wing. The only force that I can see to explain it is the devolution of communication and thought brought about by a culture that primarily communicates by text. I feel that the most important thing Derrida hit upon was his critique of text as a means of sufficient communication. While he is a cornerstone of postmodern thought, this conclusion of his writings is not given its due. In general, I remain convinced that his and other related philosophical ideas are best suited for a culture that wishes to write interesting papers for the sake of University driven internal process. It is only useful if one wishes to write endless papers and books that accomplish nothing other than helping one journey through hierarchies of the modern Church that is our fallen universities. Text based social media has brought about a insincere representation of ourselves that is more at home in a corporate HR department than real life. A feedback loop of false piety. It has created a wholly phony culture that is driving me to the same point as Holden Caulfield trying to catch others before they run off the cliff. It is becoming unacceptable and problematic as they say to think critically. I hope that others can see the danger that this presents. We have allowed our culture to practically demand that we play this game in order to succeed. I appreciate the work you are doing to combat that mentality.

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t was shocking to witness the decline of those websites. Once, years ago many of those sites were of interest to me. I watched them change into a monster cross promoting a destructive yet profitable view of the world that would appeal to every persons deepest fears. This disturbing and suicidal cultural feedback loop is being actively encouraged by companies who feel that it is their personnel mission to make the world a better place in their image. People are self identifying as victims to show their masters that they are willingly moving into the pen and pose no threat to the corporate nobility. Our culture is stuck in a strange reflection of the Stepford wives or the falseness long associated with the overly optimistic television of the 1950's. No one dares to first cry, "too much"! No one dares step out of approved boundaries set by big tech. We allowed our very methods of discourse and communication to be taken over by Big Tech's tyrannical maniacs convinced that they alone know how to create a better society. That so many would trust the power of so few is grotesque testament to how easy we have all had it in regards to life on this planet. How do we explain the cultural shift of our great society to a preference to ignore the logic of individual situations in favor of the emotions of some imagined situations? If we choose to presume the worst possible interpretations of all that is said or created then we are doomed to forever feel persecuted. This imagined persecution is bound to be more dangerous than the 'isms it replaced. This is a move to monetize peoples most internal fears about who they are. It creates victims and people who act like victims. It is a modern evil to promote and encourage self doubt and self loathing in order to create a zombie like passive consumer.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

TITFOS part: Blue - Third flavor in the RGB series

1:46:18 – The Incredible True Facts of Space (TITFOS) by international treaty, present audio collage cultural experience part Blue. We are searching for the feeling of life present from 1970-2000. You were meant to be free.  These attempt to capture the strange magic of 8-bit technology creeping into our analog world during the 1970’s and 80’s.  Malls video games, commercials, and mass-market entertainment, excitement and fear, threat of nuclear annihilation and the faith we placed in technology.  Hopefully this collage will fill you with optimism for our future as we wrestle control away from the worldwide corporate cronies who have seized control.  Individual freedom is worth all.


Friday, February 8, 2019

TITFOS part: Red - audio collages


My audio collages in order of production. These attempt to capture the strange magic of 8-bit technology creeping into our analog world during the 1970’s and 80’s.  Malls video games, commercials, and mass-market entertainment. Excitement and fear, the threat of nuclear annihilation, hope that technology would change us, hope that products would change us, faith in progress.

Monday, January 28, 2019

TITFOS - Part: Green - audio collage


audio collages in order of production PART GREEN:  TITFOS theme by Jimbo, shake it up, RCA victor trade-in, friends drug PSA, surround sound, Man on the moon, 6 million dollar man, Pepto-Bismol honor roll, magic unicorn, Mrs. Black is here,  bad case diarrhea, Mr. Brown joke, UFO, don’t panic, 10:45, Gettin kinda late, Time the endless river, Time Cube, There is no time, Laser Beams, front back two sides, one corner face, Timecube echo, Disco-Gorilla, Brady Kids medley,  Harris Variable Angle phased multiplex, The Chrysler – Your next car is here, the possible dream, you make me feel like dancing, dancing, dancing, I’m a model, JARS, looking forward, I hope, Bullion cubes and milk, Watergate, I’m freezing, left one on the bathroom glass, the Nightpeople, Come on Over to Royal Crown Cola, mad mad taste, teenage runaway 60’s audio hallucination, NASA computer, Raytheon, a man is like a computer programmed by heredity, boy in plastic bubble, Speed Burners, long distance calls, surprise, Sandy’s Frys, Feeling free, Ford,  surprise from Charlies Angels, 3 musketeers, superswitcher,  atar, Star Master, They just keep dropping, Kaboom, walk right in, sit right down, Diver Dan, Sugar Frosted Donut, When he plays a game from Atari, Have you played atari today, Steve Austin, zapped by a raygun, rayguns and all, Hello, what shortening do you use?, Atari, beyond your wildest dreams, chad-funky-JAM, Hey this could be fun, yeah that’s it, Mr. Moose ping pong balls, Hit it, Hit it, Hit it, power check, More Mr.  Moose attacks, Are as waves on the sea, Robot Commando, PULSAR, Make his eyes flash, Now I am become death, Frosted Shake, Pringles potato chips, Snap Crackle Pop makes the world go round, Sugar Crips, Peter Potamus, motorific its terrific, its ideal, Control-Control, funny face drinks, pleases me, LASER, new fangled potato chips,  Donny and his sister close out our program with laughs and music. TITFOS.


Monday, December 3, 2018

Nice candle - Smells like secret handshakes