Thursday, December 20, 2007

Super Kernel from Xerox and Ginn and Company

I finally found a picture referencing Super Kernel the comic book that I received from weekly reader back in the late 70's early 80's. Holy Cow, I knew it was out there somewhere. I've got to get this set now. off to Ebay. My dad was with Xerox and I guess some sort of benefit was that Xerox owned Ginn and Company and Weekly Reader at that time and I received a big box of books and neat stuff every month.

I remember thinking it was weird for a popcorn kernel to be a super hero but liking it a lot. I would love to read these now. Anyone else remember Super Kernel?


Anonymous said...

Dude! Alibris is there for you. Here is a link to buy some Superkernal Comics.


Needs an Editor said...

I loved them, for some reason. I only had two of them (still do) and read them over and over and over. Do you know how many there were?

Unknown said...

Put the 25 centerfold posters on my wall.