Thursday, December 20, 2007

Super Kernel from Xerox and Ginn and Company

I finally found a picture referencing Super Kernel the comic book that I received from weekly reader back in the late 70's early 80's. Holy Cow, I knew it was out there somewhere. I've got to get this set now. off to Ebay. My dad was with Xerox and I guess some sort of benefit was that Xerox owned Ginn and Company and Weekly Reader at that time and I received a big box of books and neat stuff every month.

I remember thinking it was weird for a popcorn kernel to be a super hero but liking it a lot. I would love to read these now. Anyone else remember Super Kernel?


Anonymous said...

Dude! Alibris is there for you. Here is a link to buy some Superkernal Comics.


Needs an Editor said...

I loved them, for some reason. I only had two of them (still do) and read them over and over and over. Do you know how many there were?