Monday, March 10, 2008

10 Crazy ass things about Daylight Savings

1. Renders 3 points of damage to the healing powers of coffee
2. Causes darkness to descend upon the hour of my awakening
3. Disoriented time travel sickness feeling felt for about 3 hours this morning
4. Numerous dogs and cats seen hanging out together as foretold in prophecy
5. Neighboor went insane, painted himself blue and pillaged the rec center
6. Lady at McDonalds failed to depress Diet tab on my soda's lid
7. Toilet now flushes in opposite direction
8. Automated DST clock adjuster in my fancy ass alarm clock now confused since they changed date of DST. Alarm clock no longer seems quite as clever as before.
9. DST is not year 2000 compliant!
10. Money saved on electricity not enough to offset extra hot water needed in shower.

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