Tuesday, March 11, 2008

10 signs your car is about to experience car trouble

1. Fire underhood spreads to interior
2. Windshield melts while wipers reach into cabin with death written on their blades
3. Large crane lifting your car over swamp fails dropping your car into bucket of molten lava
4. Dracula is hiding in the truck with a loaded pistol
5. When engine falls out of car oil pan develops bad leak
6. Red dummy lights on dash are hard to see over telephone pole coming through windshield
7. Neighboor seen pouring sugar into gas tank while wearing World Wrestling tank top
8. You hear that sound the Milenium falcon makes when the hyperdrive doesn't work
9. A 5000 pound sentient gel is in your back seat and he is hungry for car parts
10. That cute little kid from Calvin and Hobbes walks up to your car and pees on it

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