Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chad reports from Dallas for

I'm a guest reporter on the popular podcast "The" check it out. Frank's show is highly recommended. On this episode I report from the Soda Gallery in the Bishop Arts District Dallas. It's a great interview with Robert the owner of the Soda Gallery.

Frank describes his show as pleasantly insane ramble. It's one of the first podcasts predating the term by several years. It's also clearly the best in my opinion.

Check it out.
The Soda Gallery in Dallas's Bishop Art district is an incredible place to visit. When I visited I meet Robert Gutierrez, owner and was completely wowed by his passion for soda and bottle collecting. This is one of the coolest stores in DFW and you should make a point to visit. Great artwork and great soda. I had a Coca-Cola from Holland and it 100% tasted like a memory from childhood. It is amazing the difference that the original recipee makes from the Coke Classic garbage we drink now. Check it out.
Go online to plan your visit:


KT said...

I know the place well. Is Robert still living in North Carolina?


Chad said...

He's right there in the shop! Great Guy. Great Store! nice.

Oh, I just realized it was you K. Hey man. Rock on!


KT said...

That shop is around the corner from the Veracruz all-time fav mexican food place. We used to go put our names on the list and walk over to the soda shop and buy a soda and cigar for after dinner. good times. good report!