Wednesday, March 5, 2008

logic? ill-logic

Why do we make this happen? These days and things?
Where do I get inspiration for filling my SUV with gas and driving places at times meant for sleeep.

Where is the quiet logic that pulls my mind and soul from one direct-deposit to another.

Why do I no longer yearn to go skating on Friday nights. Why do I fail to roam the mall with $5.00 in my pocket. I have lost all interest in mastering Street Fighter y Pac-Man y Space Invaders y and I do not sit in the food court any longer.

Where did people lose their minds?,

Is there a hyphen in anal retentive?

Was it something we ate from the Micro-Way-Ab-Lay food aisle?

I think that things stopped making sense when:

-Coca-Cola came out with new Coke and stopped making Coke
-All soft drinks replaced sugar with corn syrup
-undercover police started showing up in silent films
-the internet had that weird picture
-the King Teleprompter all started showing pictures of Bobby Vinton as Wonder Woman
-Coke Classic happened
-I dug a hole in the backyard and buried a box of 5000 miniature springs.
-I stopped playing with Lego's
-AMC was no longer a car company
-Fox became a real network
-Cable penetration passed 50% of households
-MTV stopped playing videos
-Comedians started getting applause for saying things
-Burger King became passe
-rap music started being about the money instead of the hot hot passion
-Wal-Marts showed up everywhere
-Abe Lincoln made the power company print off and on on the light switches
-I drank some electric power-ade
-Teflon got stuck on the pans
-People stopped regularly buying household all-in-one oil
-Bobby put Lumpy in the furnace
-Play-Doh got soft
-Glue cap got all glued on top of glue tube

back to work....

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