Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tribute to Longmont Potion Castle

Listen to Longmont Potion Castle, use the google machine to find it, or youtube. You are very clever, I'm sure you can find it.

Also, here is my tribute poem

Bat fishing with the empty clorox
Them colors, like salt on a Watermelon,
what kind of delicous do you need
This is my flavor
I drink water as a political statement
telephone is a two way street, it is duplexed
2 sides to every mind
computers exist in on and off states, logic gates
9-volt batteries are the coolest batteries, everybody knows this
no clock no time, know clock meet time
pop-tarts are modern art, this is why i love toasters
being mean is a suckers bet
you gotta love, fool
let's go play Atari

1 comment:

Ami said...

"no clock no time, know clock meet time"

I have a vision of no time that can't come to fruition in my life.

The eternal silence of these infinite spaces frighten me.

- thoughts of both Blaise Pascal and Ami