Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mexican Art Show

There was an art exhibit in ole Mexico with black velvet paintings
by today's hottest artists. The one picture that was Mount Zues compared
to the others was a painting of a nacho chip, half covered with melted cheese,
and topped with a dollop of beans, sour cream, and fresh jalapeno.

All of the visitors drank champagne with tiny pieces of svaroski, trademarked and highly marketed pieces of cut glass. The celebrity visitors were served pop tarts with 24K gold leaf applied to them. Everyone was told that they were in fact a celebrity, which none of them doubted as they all had blogs. Everyone enjoyed the poptarts, probably because they were heated up in Dualit toasters.

The gathering was a celebration of the artwork. It was a night where people would focus on the magic of black velvet paintings.

Nearly all of the guests were fascinated by the Mount Zues of paintings.

If you asked anyone who attended, they would tell you that
no matter where you were in the room,
the Cheese from the Nacho, the cheese painted on black velvet,
had animalistic properties, it was as if the
cheese followed you.

When asked after the show, A yound debutante remarked that it seemed like the cheese followed you.

It brought the people together, they had a focus for their celebration.

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