Thursday, July 17, 2008


Smores, anyhow, I have a new bar-b-que grill and I have been making Smores on it.
The first ones were traditional

Consisting of:

Honey Graham Crackers
Jet Puff Marshmallows
Hershey Chocolate Bars

First of all the grill has a side cooker that is great for Roasting marshmallows over. I like to do this with Bamboo skewers because they are good for the environment. Then I place the burnt marshmallow on top of the chocolate which is on top of the Honey Graham Cracker. Then you smoosh another Honey Graham cracker on top of that and slowly pull out the Bamboo skewer. In a few seconds you eat it.

The next step is adding a layer of peanut butter underneath the chocolate.

Some ideas for the next frontier:
Habanero chocolate bars
Gourmet marshmallows
Cinnamon/Sugar Honey Grahams
add a cherry on top
Spicy peanut butter
Irish butter
soak the whole thing in vodka and ignite it

One kvetch:
Hershey has ruined the chocolate bar with their current plastic one piece wrapper.
Couldn't they at least offer a more expensive version in the traditional package.
What would that cost? I'm guessing an extra $.10 per bar.

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