Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Ideas for today


Viewmaster 1


-          Get glow in the dark inkjet paper

-          Create 3D parallel pairs, size to Viewmaster image size

-          Print 3D parallel pairs on glow in the dark inkjet paper

-          Affix pairs to viewmaster disc

-          Insert into viewmaster

-          Enjoy self illuminating 3D images


Viewmaster 2


-          Get day-glo printer ink

-          Utilize view-master reel template

-          Print images aligned to viewmaster template

-          Affix printed material to viewmaster disc

-          View under black light or Install black light inbetween image and viewer window

-          ? If printed on thin material – would black illuminate from behind image?


Viewmaster 3 – EXPERIMENTS continue with transparency film (printing on)


-          Refine methods for printing on transparency film

-          I’ve successfully printed BLURRY images using inkjet on transparency film, The image comes out blurry in a impressionistic sense, caused by micro smearing as the micro droplets dry.

-          Need to try transparency film using Xerox phaser printer – Question will be if phaser solid ink (waxy) will be transparent or not

-          If it is, the method is to print out stereo pairs on transparency film and then affix or insert into viewmaster reel., I’ve been using unwanted common viewmaster reels for this purpose, destroying them in the name of research. I try to use modern re-issues with from Discovery, or reprinted reels that have been “updated” with layered 3d graphics, anyway they are cheaper than blank reels and you can tear them a part carefully and put new images in.








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