Tuesday, April 19, 2016

  1. double roller rink, counter rotating skate directions, mystery tunnels on each far side, DJ light show booth rises out of space between intersection of two large ovals, where the counter rotating skate traffic intertwined.
  2. Virtual reality roller skating. Use the rink as the physical boundary, each skater skates in their own world, or themed world. blasting other skaters, skating in space, skating in the sky, changing altitude, coming in for landings, all manner of fun.
  3. Pillow designed for laying on the couch sideways, something to prop up my watermelon of a head and not put my arm to sleep
  4.  woo woo company - hand made woo woos in cool fabric - made in usa 
  5. small snack cake item, similar to japanese kitkat that you heat in oven. Needs no refridgeration, many small wrapped pieces come in bag to lower guilt of eating. Ritutal of heating up in toaster oven on plate. warm, gooey, satisfying desert of small size. sell to specialty grocery.
  6. instant voice recorder. auto stores with date stamp, converts to searchable text. idea log, not important that there are other recording diaries, this one offers better calender driven interface and text search, all about keeping ideas and making them accesible.
  7. Youtube interface that learns your likes and behavior, allows youtube to work like changing surfing channels on TV used to be. When you want to click, it takes you to next video, makes loop of about 100 videos, and you can keep lapping the loop, or go backwards to where you were previously, and start where you left off on that channel, if you continue to go forward, time will have advanced on each channel as if it had been running in real time. If it reaches in, another related video will play in its place.

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