Monday, January 28, 2019

TITFOS - Part: Green - audio collage


audio collages in order of production PART GREEN:  TITFOS theme by Jimbo, shake it up, RCA victor trade-in, friends drug PSA, surround sound, Man on the moon, 6 million dollar man, Pepto-Bismol honor roll, magic unicorn, Mrs. Black is here,  bad case diarrhea, Mr. Brown joke, UFO, don’t panic, 10:45, Gettin kinda late, Time the endless river, Time Cube, There is no time, Laser Beams, front back two sides, one corner face, Timecube echo, Disco-Gorilla, Brady Kids medley,  Harris Variable Angle phased multiplex, The Chrysler – Your next car is here, the possible dream, you make me feel like dancing, dancing, dancing, I’m a model, JARS, looking forward, I hope, Bullion cubes and milk, Watergate, I’m freezing, left one on the bathroom glass, the Nightpeople, Come on Over to Royal Crown Cola, mad mad taste, teenage runaway 60’s audio hallucination, NASA computer, Raytheon, a man is like a computer programmed by heredity, boy in plastic bubble, Speed Burners, long distance calls, surprise, Sandy’s Frys, Feeling free, Ford,  surprise from Charlies Angels, 3 musketeers, superswitcher,  atar, Star Master, They just keep dropping, Kaboom, walk right in, sit right down, Diver Dan, Sugar Frosted Donut, When he plays a game from Atari, Have you played atari today, Steve Austin, zapped by a raygun, rayguns and all, Hello, what shortening do you use?, Atari, beyond your wildest dreams, chad-funky-JAM, Hey this could be fun, yeah that’s it, Mr. Moose ping pong balls, Hit it, Hit it, Hit it, power check, More Mr.  Moose attacks, Are as waves on the sea, Robot Commando, PULSAR, Make his eyes flash, Now I am become death, Frosted Shake, Pringles potato chips, Snap Crackle Pop makes the world go round, Sugar Crips, Peter Potamus, motorific its terrific, its ideal, Control-Control, funny face drinks, pleases me, LASER, new fangled potato chips,  Donny and his sister close out our program with laughs and music. TITFOS.


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