Wednesday, September 18, 2019

YouTube comments

The left is making a craft out of sophistry. Contrarily the rest of the political spectrum values the necessity and existence of truth. We believe that words only have meaning if they can be shown to be true. We don't argue for or against ideas with demonstrably false accusations. We don't believe in lying or that the ends ever justify the means. The majority of Americans know that our society depends upon rule of law and an agreement on basic tenets of right and wrong. The path as taken by the left is recognized as something other than truth. It is something other than a good faith discussion of issues. The majority of the Left and Right believe that any society that falls into the hole of moral relativism will fail violently. The leftists have no interest in logic or reason for their true purpose is to burn this society to the ground. They imagine that they will start over with the naive dream of Communism. They keep doubling down on insanity like a drunk uncle who will not reveal his bad hand of cards. The only thing that the hundred factions of the left agree on is that they must destroy individual liberty. Once they achieve totalitarian power they will destroy each other. This is the naivety of communism. The power to enforce it requires an all powerful centralized committee. That power is then abused. They see Western culture as the cause of all past problems when in historical fact it is the culture that ended slavery, created record low world poverty and provided a level of equality never before experienced. The culture that centrists, democrats, classical liberals and conservatives agree on and celebrate is what brought about the very possibility of equality for all. They fail to understand that equality for all must take into consideration the inherent shared value of the commons. They are herding people into interest groups with intersectionality which insures that those various sub interest groups inevitably multiply against every cross section to create so many factions that no agreement on anything is possible. That is why communism always ends up a bloody mess. This is by design. This is about consolidation of power and the destruction of the historically aberrant middle class. Consider the religious like infallible opinion and dogmatic world view of our corrupt universities. Call to mind how much you trust the mainstream media. Scrutinize the monopolized opinion of big tech and mass media and see that such a strong bias could only be brought about by shared corporate interests and the consolidation of power. The window to stand up for the ideals of logic, reason, and individual freedom is upon us.

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