Sunday, December 9, 2007

Incredible true fashion tip #2

What is this years hip fragrance?

It's OFF by Johnson Wax, a family company.
OFF in the traditonal orange, white, and blue metal can has a fun smell that practically fumes with outdoor fun. Today's fashion-forward elite are bugging out with a fresh insect repelling smell from the wayback machine. Johnson Wax hopes to add fuel to the fire with its new line of youth marketed HomeScents. In addition to the furor over OFF, Lemon Pledge is hopeful to attract its own audience, possibly stealing the lemon summer thunder from CKcitrus.

The cool crowd used to huff ScotchGuard, now they are wearing it. If you are looking for this years booty-call scent du'jour, look no further than the cleaning aisle. It's on the shelf and off the hook for smelling fresh.


tip number 1 was to cosmetically alter your teeth to look just a tad yellower

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