Sunday, December 9, 2007

the title of this song is work

its a beautiful building underground.

a hundred people weighted down.
each the others mirror,

.... and a donkey and a carrot on a string.

when you hear what the others scream,
when you dream a recurring scene.

the space is hidden from real view, the views hidden from the real you.

and the time is a wall in the mind, its not the world but your mind, this sign.

and your burried in the ground,...

let's hide in this space.
let us hide in this place.

your mind is hidden in this space,
your vision is hiding their face,
your mission is creating this space, and you dream't this sound.

you dread the recurring dream, wanting the faces of the others unseen.
its all the same to them, its the same scene,

you want to see the world from their view,
have them want the real you.
and just to
see the buildings from their view,
perhaps to build the real you.

and the things that you want to believe,
are just signs that are meant to deceive,

now remember the real you,
the dream that you thought you once knew.

that building is falling down,
and the walls inside are beige.
the people inside are vague.
and the false dreams may have been better spent
in a forest, in a lake, in a tent.

looking down at this town,
all the buildings we found,

the architecture is unsound.
the architecture is not found.
and the style of this place,
6 billion people underground,
6 billion people underground.

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