Sunday, December 9, 2007

little ale'Inn

Immediately I saw the toads start to levitate. First one, obviously and then the entire ditch load of toads. The harmonic buzz appeared overhead. I remember the shed in ET and I was wondering why they had a shed, not having a father, but the shed, seemed so Norman Rockwellish that somehow it defied the nature of the single mom, I was thinking about this because of the Reese's Pieces that I was eating and because of the small gray alien approaching me.
The damn grays' broke my leg again, just like they did last time by whacking the shit out of it with a cricket bat. As I screamed in pain I could see them warming up their little saucer, the sports model, and then as the air around it began to ionize, they were off, shaping time and space around them so that they darted most unnaturally away from the scene of the crime, the levitated ditch full of frogs and my broken leg.

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