Wednesday, December 19, 2007

time travel, jack-o-lanterns

Thinking of the typical jack-0-lantern. Perhaps the triangle eyes are due to a lack of effort. For me pumpkins peaked in the early 80's. A lot of people these days, me included don't carve them at all. My wife and I like to stack a pile of unusual pumpkins and gourds on top of one another in the front yard and leave them au'natural. Perhaps because of the medicine I'm taking for my toothache, I was thinking of pumpkins on this Dec 19th morning. Thinking of how the typical triangle eyes, most likely became typical because they were the easiest shapes to cut. Tri-Angle eyes are the gold standard of the pumpkin world.
Another new pumpkin trend is the plastic pumpkin, which is an artificial carvable pumpkin available at stores like Hobby Lobby, or Micheals, which are craft stores.
The Gold Standard for a plastic pumpkin is not so much in the carving or what you "hot glue" to the outside, but is more what you put inside. The inside of a fake pumpkin should be filled with the artificial cold as space solid state glow of LED lights. Color changing in the endless programmed cycle of a rainbow. Roy. G. Biv.

At first I welcomed these new LED lights, but now I don't really like them.
For Christmas lights I find them strange and heartless. They are very cold, and
when I turn my head, the fact that they blink at the same rate as a Floursecent light becomes annoyingly apparent. It's like when you are behind a new Cadillac and
you become hypnotically entranced by its LED brake lights. It is like a tractor beam.
Christams Lights, go with the old C9's or C7's. Big Colored bulbs.

Or you could do like I did and not put up any Christmas lights this year. No real reason, just taking a break. Or in corporate speak I could green wash this and say that although I am but one American, I feel that I must do my part to lighten my Carbon footprint. I hope that my refrain from wasting energy via Christmas lights will inspire my neighbors to do their part to save our Natural Resources.


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