Monday, December 17, 2007

Tooth Hell, New Dell

Typing this on a spanky new laptop, can you tell? My tooth was hurting like a salamander in a blender yesterday. I had a toothache come on really guick. There was no pain, and then seconds later, there was incredible pain. It was bad this morning right after breakfast but the hydrocodone has calmed it down. It doesn't hurt at all right now. I've made myself a dentist appointment in the morning. Hopefully Dr. Gray can do something to it. Hopefully I'll get to have a root canal. That's how bad it was hurting. It was hurting bad enough to make you say, Gee, I would quite like a root canal instead of this.

I got my Xbox 360 back from Microsoft today. It came to my work address, so I'm looking at it wondering if it is really fixed or not. It is a new one, or at least it looks new, but the manufacture date is 9-2006, I think my original 360 was made in June or April of 2006. Cautious, weary, will it red ring again?

The podcast is coming soon.



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