Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Lego! Lego turns 50

Lego is 50. Thanks for all the good times my
plastic friend. My most ambitious project was
trying to build a robot that would stand up on
its own two legs. Now they have many kits
that make this quite easy. My design involved lots
of lego ingenuity and rubber bands. I can still feel them
between my teeth if I think about them, lego's that is.
I played tron on the Xbox 360 this weekend, the old tron the one
from the arcade. I didn't buy it or anything, but I played the
trail version. I'd probably be willing to pay around $1.50 for it.

It's weird to wish a corporate product a happy birthday. On the one hand
I gladly wish LEGO the thing, entity in my mind a happy birthday, and I
like to read about Lego, and I honestly hope the company is doing
well, it's just that anytime you think about these things, it brings up all these
weird dualities where you love the idea, but not the corporation. Corporations
are inherently selfish non entities. They exist so that people could invest in
speculative ventures without risking their personal net worth other than the
cost of their investment. That's fair enough. But when it comes to matters of
the heart, and matters of important cultural touchstones such as Lego's you have to seperate
those important things from the void that is a corporation.

Anyway happy birthday Lego.

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