Monday, January 14, 2008

jeep needs bath

My jeep needs a bath. It smells like dog breath. Read a neat article about time, or specifically the fact that a lot of scientists think that time may not exist. See, I told you peoples 10 years ago that time didn't exist. You thought I was crazy. nope. Saw the movie Juno this weekend, a terrifcally pleasant film, dialog that flows like a pool of liquid tin solder. That movie is well done.
Just remembered the tag line I made up for WEGL in Auburn, it was a radio station, anyway, it was A Rare Medium, Well Done.

Back to the diet in a big way today with excercise starting at 6:45 this morning and lunch consisting of a Mcdondald Chicken sandwich which consisted of a piece of grilled chicken and two pieces of bread. On my second big ass glass of water.

Bought the new Douglas Coupland book, I'm not gonna link to it on Amazon because that would be really played out, and you would expect it. Everytime some fool talks about a book, you can bet your sweet ass he linked it to Amazon. Why? look it up yourself if you want a copy.

Does your DVR do really goofy stuff? Mine is kinda slow in the brain.

Have a great day, Chad

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