Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rocking it like Frank Sinatra

Hard to stay awake on the drive to work without coffee. I need to give myself another 5 minutes in the morning to make a TAZ before leaving. The Tassimo is such a great little device, I really love it. I bought a box of ultra high temperature Pumpkin flavored creamer at WalGreens, its the shelf stable milk product in the little white plastic trash cans that you don't have to refridgerate. So neat how that works, I wonder if I could get regular milk that way? You know how bad it sucks when you are out of milk, or being people I know, you probably drink rice milk or something, anyway when you are out of white milky fluid for your cookies and cereal it really sucks. Why aren't there milk men anymore, I would totally pay to have a milk man, but he would have to where the white suit, classy stuff, I would really like that, in fact one better, I would like to be a milkman. I would do my milkman stuff in the mornings, and then become an ice cream man in the afternoon. Captain Scrummy! remember Pete N Pete, that was a great show. I would drive around your neighboorhood delivering good times via the joy of mammal juice.

I meet a lady from Hershey, she works in the enviromental responsiveness unit up at Chocolate headquarters and I was complaining about the new packaging of the classic Hershey bar. I was telling her how the old packaging with the outer paper sleeve and the inner tin foil wrapper was a like a ritual with me and I really enjoyed picking one up and escaping to choco-town for a little while. The new packaging is rather lacking, being only a sealed plastic wrap, which exposed bare chocolate underneath. Anyway the funny thing was she basically told my I shouldn't eat that chocolate because it has a bunch of weird chemicals in it. I'm glad that Hershey pays her, I didn't really know how bad that stuff was. Good job Hershey, you should put that in a commercial.

Anyway the lesson is: Hershey's new packaging sucks, and don't worry about it, you shouldn't be eating that chocolate anyway. Eat something from whole foods instead. Unless you are poor, and then well screw it, go ahead and eat whatever. It's the food man! we gotta stop puttin this poison in. What goes in, what goes out, what comes down. It's a big circle and if you don't watch out, time for timer says it will be time out, and time up. Eat well friends, spend you money on quality food. It's my mission for 2008.

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