Monday, April 28, 2008

time fugue, what to drink?

wrote this in my head a few minutes ago. Tired.

Starting the morning needs a beverage.
A Coke or a coffee, can't decide which, deliberated for a little while. Decided on coffee, but the pot was very low. Too tired to walk to Starbucks.

First before all of this, I thought about writing all of this. That was while I was walking to the bathroom. Once I got there I felt funny.
There is a big mirror in there. It reflected my appearance and I didn't look like I felt.
I feel like I should be wearing two day old jeans and a unwashed t-shirt.

I stayed up all night.
My Chuy was sick last night. He kept throwing up. Laura is taking him to the doctor this morning. I hope he will be better soon.
I rented a car this morning, after I dropped my Jeep off at the shop.
This Coke is really good. I think it is working.



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