Friday, April 18, 2008

Toy Idea + Other

A plastic mustache that emits a loud 1979'ish Burt Reynolds laugh
when it detects the body heat of a human.

Also some other:
And now the other...

Debit card transcation machines are weird. Some require you to use a pen, some a combination of pen entry plus dedicated keyboard entry. I find it so unwieldly. I am usually standing their at the counter with my Boones farm and rolling papers, and the new teen people trying to get out of the store and I am balancing an open wallet, a debit card, a plastic writing implement, and a touch screen display, all while answering a set of bewildering questions concerning donating money to some cause or do I want cash back and how much. Oi! At least you don't get the old credit or debit question as much as you used too. The right answer by the way would be credit if given a choice as it only increasing your rights as a customer while Debit just takes your money and runs. Although that being said you don't want them to think you are using credit as that is kinda sad. Like when you say some person at the grocery store using credit and you think they are too poor to be shopping for groceries, but then you realize that it is only cause your shopping at Central market and the four apples they are buying are $25. I think Central Market should have a special credit card for their preferred shoppers. It could be called the, " I just don't give a shit" card. So when you place your $4 can of botchulism brand Kombucha juice, you can quickly flip them your IDGAS card. That beind said food from Central market is usually really good.

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