Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rats in my clothes hangers?

Everyone loves rats, especially children and the hard of hearing, but you know what? None of us
like it when rats get in our clothes hangers. I had a chance to bend Martha Stewarts ear in a public rest room recently and
she give my some helpful pointers on keeping your rat population on the down low in your jar of clothes hangers.

It's simpler than you might imagine. Simply soak the wooden clothes hangers in a mixture of 90% rat poison and 10% bottled water. (Note: Tap water may be used but for our testing we used Fiji water)

Let the hangers soak overnight in the rat posion water mixture and simply return them soaking wet to your jar or other glass lined clothes hanger storage containers.

This treatment should last for several weeks unless your kids discover the sickly sweet taste first.

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