Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Conversations overheard:


Conversation 1:


“So, these are the shoes that tore my toenail off. I texted my mom about it, but I left off the word

(Nail) so the text just read, that I, Damn, I tore my Toe off, now I’ve got to go home, I can’t believe these

Shoes tore my toe off. My mom wrote back asking if I was going to the hospital….

To which I replied, not realizing that I had left the word (Nail) off the original text, that No, I

Didn’t think it was THAT serious.



Conversation 2:

Guy 1

So my wifes calcium level was like 600 and it should have be like 60, so the doctor said its not normally

Something that is tested, so now after the medicine, she is like 45.

Guy 2

Oh that’s great, that sounds like a real improvement

Guy 1

Yeah, we’re really thankful




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